At DUO, we are passionate about providing our expertise to organisations working for the betterment of our communities, and thrive on seeing the success achieved for our CSI clients through strategic content curation, PR activities and digital marketing.

Sparrow Schools

DUO Marketing + Communications has joined forces with Sparrow Schools, a specialised education organisation catering for learners between 7 and 18 years, to deliver pro bono digital consulting services and implementation support.

Sparrow Schools caters for approximately 600 learners annually, and currently has 221 learners in the foundation school and 184 in the high school, all with varying degrees of educational backlog, remedial problems and other barriers to learning.

DUO is passionate about the work being done by Sparrow Schools and was pleased to be able to offer our support through what we do best. We are responsible for assisting with, and supporting key campaigns and marketing efforts across digital and social platforms for Sparrow Schools.

Through this partnership, DUO aims to support Sparrow Schools in extending the reach of their work and educating people about the potential that is unlocked in every child, given the right learning environment.