Clearly social media has had a remarkable impact on branding in the last few years. These days people don’t go look in the yellow pages to find contact info but rather reach out to specific social platforms. Just the other day I booked dinner at a local Mexican restaurant by tweeting them.

Marketing using social media isn’t just for consumer based companies but B2B ones too. What all companies need to realise is that even if your customers are other businesses there is a person behind a desk who makes the decisions. Not a robot, or not just yet. The fact is that people are on social media, the same people who who make decisions in companies.

Simply put your company needs to be actively using social media to give it credibility. Your interaction with customers on social platforms builds a certain amount of trust before a customer has even purchased anything. A study showed that by the end of 2013 there would be more mobile devices on earth than people. The same article said that 80% of time spent on ones phone is spent in mobile apps. That’s 80% of time your business could be on someone’s mind

This article said that approximately 70% of companies on Facebook ignore questions asked by customers on this platform. With that in mind if your company is part of the 30% that do engage your odds at beating out your competitor are very high. A business that takes the time out to respond to questions is the kind of company you want to work with – it’s just basic human nature.

The overheard excuse that your business doesn’t target the ‘youth’ so social media isn’t necessary is inaccurate. Since January 2014 74% of adults, above the age of 18, that are online are actively using social media. The biggest increases in these stats are among the older age groups. So no matter how old your customers are there’s a strong chance they’re using social media and statistically they’re doing it on their smart phones.

Generation ‘millennial’ who are born between 1981-2000, referred to in this article, purchase products based primarily on references or word of mouth. Positive and negative recommendations are done via social media and 93% of this age group will read reviews prior to their purchase. Additionally 52% of them will use their smart phones to do this. In essence because 66% of them “follow brands on social media” this is the best way to interact with them. To prove this point even more 38% feel that brands that are accessible over social media are trustworthier than those who use traditional advertising.

Social media is the norm now and the most common way to access it is through your cell phone. As a company if you use it correctly half your marketing is done by your customer merely tagging your ice-cream shop on an Instagram post. And if you’re doing business with other businesses the way you interact on social media has a lasting impression on the future relationship

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