Internships provide a dual purpose within any industry. The intern gains valuable skills, both soft (interpersonal communication skills, emotional development, etc.) and hard (execution of tasks, job-specific skills such as writing a press release, etc.). The company gets to impart knowledge, extend brand image, and discover ever-elusive talent and company-fit.

Here at DUO, we provide flexible, needs-based experience for the internships we accept. We work with applicants to establish what their needs and expectations are for their internships, and aim to deliver the results and value that will best prepare them for their careers. We are proud to say that all our interns have gained what they were looking for – an exciting, diverse, and valuable first step on their career paths.

Our most recent intern, Louise van der Spuy, came to us all the way from Port Elizabeth. She found us on Google, and approached us to spend her university mid-year break interning in our Cape Town office. Here’s what she had to say…

A word from Louise

I am currently in my third and final year of my BA degree in Media, Communication and Culture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. At the end of the year I will be moving from the little friendly city of PE to the big, windy (and cold) city of Cape Town. My internship at DUO Marketing and Communications was the first time I have had a chance to delve into the world of PR, communications and marketing in a professional space. I have previously au paired, waitressed, done in-store promotions and am currently working part-time doing paperwork and admin at a petrol station.

I decided to look into doing an internship (specifically in Cape Town) because I realised the value in internships for the work experience when applying for a job. As I will be moving to Cape Town at the end of the year, I felt this to be a necessary step in order for me to find a job in the PR and communications world (along with good varsity marks). I also wanted to get a feel for what the real working world looks like. University prepares you theoretically but as my course does not require any sort of work interning or shadowing, I felt it necessary to go out on my own and learn a thing or two from some real professionals.

I was fortunate enough to spend four amazing weeks in the Cape Town office. Through the constant help of the team, I sat in on various meetings, attended a strategy workshop, pitched stories to the media (even securing a spot on a marketing website), worked on various media lists, scheduled social media for clients as well as DUO’s social media, conducted competitor analyses, watched filming for a marketing campaign, worked on month-end reports and helped to prepare presentations. These experiences allowed me to develop my communication skills as well as my organisational skills. I have learnt that interpersonal communication skills are very important, especially when consulting with so many different people on a daily basis.

I set out to learn as much about PR, communications and marketing as possible. PR has such a large range of what you can do and so I wanted to try and narrow down exactly where I would be best suited in the industry after my studies. DUO helped me to achieve these goals.

One of my highlights of my internship was definitely being able to work with such a wonderful and inspiring team. It is not often that you can be so excited to go to work each day because of the amazing team you will be working with. (And they didn’t hold me down and force me to say that!)  My other highlight was definitely being able to interact with different clients and people on a daily basis. Being able to leave the office to attend pitching presentations to secure new clients and meet owners of different technology companies who are changing the world in their own way, was truly inspiring.

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  1. NTANDO BUTHELEZI Jul 15, 2016 at 11:14 am - Reply

    Good Morning
    I am Ntando Buthelezi and I am currently doing my second year in Public Relations and Communication Management at Durban University of Technology. I would love to intern with your company because i am a hard working individual, i learn fast and I am fluent in English and Zulu. I also think that the fact that i am currently a blogger/ journalist for Radiodut and also the fact that i am a social media fanatic could be an advantage to me and also your consultancy. I have chosen your consultancy because when i logged into your website it literally looks like where i have been picturing my self working at. The consultancy has sophistication and i like that.

    I will be grateful if you guys consider my application

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