Carving out a niche for a brand new industry - and its leading player


1Stream is a hosted telephony solutions provider for the South African contact centre environment. The company offers cost-effective, pay-per-use, flexible access to world-class technology including a complete range of multi-media applications to route, record and report on any contact centre activity.

DUO has worked with 1Stream since its launch in 2009, when SA’s hosted call centre industry had just been established. Creating awareness – and interest – in a new brand, offering solutions in a new industry, required a highly-targeted PR campaign in select industry publications and platforms. But over the years, the industry matured, and a new approach was needed.

At first, to create and maintain awareness of the 1Stream brand, its products and services. Much of the initial work revolved around educating key target audiences on the newly-established hosted call centre industry, and then introducing unique 1Stream messaging. To accomplish this, DUO secured regular coverage in leading business publications as well as high-impact coverage in niche industry publications.

Recently, DUO has shifted focus to reinforcing the messages that we’ve built awareness of over the past few years. To do this, new owned platforms – such as the 1Stream website – as well as shared platforms in the form of regular contributor spots on leading industry portals were secured.

In addition, a recent white paper provided important context to the South African contact centre industry and helped reinforce the positioning that 1Stream is the leading hosted telephony solutions provider for the South Africa contact centre environment.

Coverage in leading industry publications including Sake24, MyBroadband, ITWeb, iWeek, Cape Business News, Business Day, CEO Magazine and Channelwise Africa helped to build awareness – and credibility – around 1Stream’s service offering. Regular contributions to Contact Industry Hub and the Silicon Cape Initiative’s blogs helped to directly reach the niche target audience that are most likely to convert to actual customers.

A 1500-word article about 1Stream was published in contact centre industry forum the Contact Centre Management Group’s annual publication. Recently, a white paper titled “Important Trends affecting the 2013 South African Contact Center Industry” was written and published on the Contact Centre Industry Hub portal as well as 1Stream’s website, lending additional credibility to the company’s position as the local industry leader.