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Transforming PR content into engaging material

As a specialist communications agency servicing companies in the tech industry across sub-Saharan Africa, we transform carefully curated PR content into rich, engaging digital material that highlights our clients’ solutions. Our marketing services encompass strategy, media buying, advertising, design, competitor and industry research, whitepaper development, branding, video production, and press office management each tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

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Messaging and branding

DUO can help identify your key differentiators, and set guidelines for how to communicate your value proposition/ unique selling proposition (USP) and values to business target audiences. This helps set the language style and tone of voice to be used across multiple types of content, ranging from your website through to marketing material, public relations and social media.

Going hand-in-hand with messaging is your corporate identity, which is the visual manner in which your business presents itself to the public audience. This can range from logos and colour schemes to full guidelines on how and where to use company branding across traditional and digital marketing, as well as advertising activities.

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Visual Language

Visual language is pivotal in defining a brand’s identity. At DUO, we develop compelling visual strategies that resonate with the target audience, ensuring consistency and increasing engagement across all marketing materials. Our designs translate content into eye-catching, easy-to-read and highly shareable images created by our experienced graphic designers.

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Duo Research marketing


Research is a powerful tool to gain insight into market trends, customer behaviour, and competitive landscapes. We leverage advanced analytics and tools to facilitate in-depth data analysis, enabling our clients to refine their marketing strategies where needed, ensuring that their efforts are both effective and efficient.

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Video Production

Video is an especially effective medium for demystifying complex products, client case studies and company culture. These videos should also be shared on all social media platforms, as well as being uploaded onto your website and YouTube for broader reach. 

Our video services include the following:

  • Videos for social media – These videos are intended purely for distribution on the organisation’s own social media channels. These videos can be shot on a mobile device,a re not required to be of studio quality, and do not require extensive post-production editing.
  • Thought leadership videos – These videos are to be produced in a more professional manner and will require the services of a trained camera operator, as well as equipment such as a professional HD video camera, microphones as required, lighting, etc. As these videos can also be used for other marketing purposes, they will require pre-planning, be produced in HD quality, and also require post-production editing.
  • Webinar – This service requires extensive project management, with pre-event planning, in-event coordination, and post-production process where each speaker is turned into individual videos, as well as the compilation of an event highlights video.
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Duo VMedia buying marketing

Media Buying

Our media buying team excels in securing optimal placements for our clients’ content across diverse platforms, ensuring maximum visibility to reach targeted audiences in dynamic ways. We specialise in both traditional and digital landscapes, including targeted content and thought pieces on leading tech platforms and other prominent online channels. Our strategic approach is data-driven, focusing on generating leads and enhancing your digital presence through SEO and paid media.

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White Paper Development

DUO’s white paper creation service is the key to educating your audience, establishing your brand as an industry leader, and potentially generating valuable leads. With DUO’s expertise, this instrumental marketing tool can showcase your products, processes, or technologies in resolving specific business problems. DUO assists businesses to:

  • Present product features, services or research findings in an engaging way
  • Position the business as a thought leader
  • Highlight aspects of your business that provides value to your audience
  • Educate and influence potential customers, investors and more
  • Extend white papers as a lead generation tool on ICT news and business sites and LinkedIn
  • Ensure that white papers form part of a holistic marketing strategy
  • Leverage them across platforms to maximise their potential to reach relevant decision makers and influencers
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Duo advertising marketing


Understanding the changing PR and marketing landscape in South Africa, DUO recognises the opportunity to elevate our clients’ brands with an integrated digital campaign approach. Our aim is to lessen the total  dependency on editorial success and use the available digital channels to position our clients across owned and paid digital channels too. From concept, to content, to implementation, DUO will guide the process and effectively leverage third-party partnerships for reduced rates and customised solutions, relevant to your brand. 

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Customer White Papers

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July 4, 2024

Building brand credibility and trust for a disruptive recruitment platform in 6 months

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Building brand credibility and trust for a disruptive recruitment platform in 6 months
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May 18, 2022

Using integrated marketing and communications for brand elevation and lead generation

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Using integrated marketing and communications for brand elevation and lead generation
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September 21, 2020

Driving B2B marketing with white papers

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Driving B2B marketing with white papers
We have worked with incredible clients, including:
Vox’s relationship with DUO Marketing extends to almost two decades where they have played a significant role in establishing an excellent relationship between Vox and its key stakeholders whilst successfully growing the company’s public profile.This team of dynamic professionals has a deep understanding of the ICT industry and through their extensive network and professional approach, have outstanding relationships and partnerships with key media, influencers, and industry leaders, which has resulted in increased brand visibility and exceptional media coverage for Vox.They are an extension of the internal Marketing team and as such, play a significant role in ensuring that our messaging, content and campaign efforts are aligned across all relevant platforms.Their commitment to excellence, accountability and responsibility aligns perfectly with the Vox values and it’s the perfect recipe for a mutually successful and respectful relationship.
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Diana Prenner
Marketing Manager: PR, Events and Sponsorships at Vox
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