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Designed to grow your brand's online presence

DUO’s digital marketing services are designed to grow your brand’s online presence and drive business growth. We combine our deep tech industry knowledge with an understanding of digital platforms to ensure that your specific business challenges are met. Our offerings include website development and maintenance, social strategy, organic and paid social media management, PPC and other forms of Google advertising, SEO, podcasts, webinars and integrated digital campaigns.

Duo Design digital marketing

Brand Design

Being a specialist Tech PR & Digital Marketing Agency, we put emphasis on functional design. Beyond just creating visually-appealing imagery, we ensure that your company’s products, solutions and concepts can be creatively and simply explained and brought to life in pixels.

Our design services include Branding & Identity (brand strategy, visual identify, brand guidelines), Graphic Design (logos, brochures, infographics, email signatures, social media imagery, advertising banners, custom presentations and templates, illustration, promotional branding), and Websites & Newsletters (web pages, landing pages, custom newsletters and templates).

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Website Development

Technology companies looking to develop a new website, or overhaul an existing one, need to take a holistic approach. A well-crafted website not only provides an online shop front, but also a platform to amplify broader public relations and marketing messaging, and businesses should work in partnership with technical, design and content specialists to ensure this is done clearly and effectively.

DUO achieves this by conducting a preliminary audit of your current website and identifies any issues, which are followed by recommendations to improve your digital marketing and SEO impact. From there, we run your website through a series of online assessment tools show where the site is compliant, and where there are potential issues regarding:

  • Comprehensive SEO audit
  • Messaging and content
  • Imagery and video
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Site size and performance
  • Social media integration and sharing

Lastly, the modern website is not meant to be static, as today’s search engines place much importance on how often new content is posted to your website – and this goes beyond just ensuring that company, product and solution pages are up to date. We can help create a variety of content forms for your business, including multimedia, to ensure your website keeps delivering value.

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Duo Website Maintenance digital marketing

Website Maintenance

DUO offers comprehensive website maintenance services to ensure that your website remains up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. We handle everything from routine updates to SEO enhancements, ensuring your digital presence is always at its best.

DUO offers a range of website maintenance services to ensure that your company’s website is secure and functional. Our experts can take care of everything from routine content management system (CMS) and plugin updates to carrying out SEO audits and enhancements to ensure improved organic search engine rankings.

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Blog Content Writing

Persuasive and engaging blog content that adds a new layer to your storytelling is one of our foundations to digital marketing services.

If you are interested in elevating your online presence then blogging is a good marketing tool. Blogs are an effective way to build brand awareness and provide you with the opportunity to engage with your existing as well as potential customers.

Publishing regular blog content ensures that the website stays active, having a positive impact on search engine optimisation (SEO) and opportunities to engage on social media platforms. Blogs can be used to build trust with your audience through consistent, relevant and interesting content.

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Email Marketing

The objective of email marketing is to amplify and enhance your business’ PR efforts by providing another platform to reach your audience. This reaffirms the messaging that is communicated across media and owned assets.

DUO will assist your business by :

  • Providing guidance on the messaging of the email
  • Creating the content of the email.
  • Compiling the email, including adding in all visual elements, tracking and social media links.
  • Receiving and importing the database for the email
  • Sending out the email through your platform of choice. We recommend Everlytic.
  • Reporting and recommendations on how to improve analytics for the next email
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Social Media Strategy

Having a presence on social media provides an authentic voice for a business, not only to raise brand awareness but to amplify PR and marketing efforts, drive referral traffic and generate potential leads. We do this through a variety of digital marketing services, including an initial digital asset audit, to better understand your existing accounts and how they fare against what competitors are doing. This helps identify who your audiences are, and what content themes they are more open to engaging with. 

Alternatively, we can help your brand establish a presence by setting up and populating company profiles across popular social media platforms. We integrate SEO techniques to maximise your visibility and impact. Adding tracking links and reviewing Google Analytics provides DUO with in-depth insights and data that allow us to adapt content or campaigns for maximum exposure and website traffic.  

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Duo social media advertising digital marketing

Social Media Advertising

Social media is no longer a fad, but a vital part of any organisation’s digital marketing and communications strategy. Having a presence on social media provides an authentic voice for a business, not only to raise brand awareness and but to amplify PR and marketing efforts, help position your organisation as an employer of choice, drive referral website traffic and generate potential leads.

DUO specialises in carrying out advertising campaigns across key platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, leveraging advanced targeting tools to place your brand in front of industry leaders, key decision makers and potential customers. These campaigns can either be aimed at growing and nurturing the brand’s social media following, or get your target audience to visit company websites or landing pages, subscribe to newsletters; download research material, or to enquire about new products or services. Ultimately, our social media advertising campaigns are designed to generate leads, enhance brand visibility, and drive meaningful business connections. 

We take reporting seriously at DUO, and on completion of each social media advertising campaign, our team will provide an in-depth report focusing on website traffic acquisition, user engagement, recommendations for future campaigns and measuring the campaign’s ROI against your budget.

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Duo Lead Gen Camp digital marketing

Lead Generation Campaigns

The ultimate goal of any PR & digital marketing strategy is geared towards brand credibility and providing commercial value. The solution to this business challenge is digitally integrated campaigns, incorporating the full ambit of DUO’s solutions. Our lead generation strategies are crafted to capture the interest of potential customers through targeted campaigns. We use a mix of inbound and outbound marketing techniques, SEO optimisation, and compelling content to generate quality leads.

Our digitally integrated campaigns are tailored to meet your specific business objectives, and can take the form of direct lead generation or skills attraction campaigns.

To amplify PR and gain broad reach and awareness, we help businesses to partner with reputable online publications to produce press office content that reaches defined target audiences online.

All content used in digital marketing services and campaigns (including social media advertising, digital advertising, and native content campaigns) are tracked in order to accurately measure on-platform performance, as well as referral website traffic and engagement. By analysing all metrics, DUO ensures that you get the best return for your investment.

DUO handles all your digital campaign needs including:

  • Campaign strategy development that is linked to business objectives and PR goals
  • Concept creation 
  • Content development 
  • Campaign set up
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Recommendations for future campaigns
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Duo PPC digital marketing


PPC – pay-per-click – is a type of digital advertising where you pay for each time an advert is clicked, driving traffic to your website. One of the most popular forms of PPC is Google Ads, where bidding on specific keywords gives your advert the possibility of appearing on top of the page of relevant searches. DUO can assist you with keyword research and strategies, campaign management and optimisation, and reporting. These campaigns are designed to reach the right audience, drive traffic and conversions efficiently, and deliver maximum ROI using our digital marketing services.

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Duo Podcast digital marketing


Mobile devices have become commonplace, and this has contributed to changing behaviours in the way in which people consume content, with one of these being a growing preference for podcasts. Over two-thirds of local internet users consume content in this format, and spend just over an hour a day listening to podcasts.

DUO produces podcasts that position your brand as a leader in its industry, and your spokespeople as experts in their field, through engaging and informative discussions.. Our digital marketing services team handles the entire process from concept and  content creation to distribution, ensuring your messages reach the right audience. 

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Duo webinar digital marketing


Our webinar services are designed to engage and educate your audience. We manage all aspects from planning to execution, ensuring high-quality content delivery that enhances your brand’s credibility and drives lead generation.


SEO, or search engine optimisation, looks at ways to improve the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website from search engines. Ultimately, the aim is for your brand to rank on the first page of search engine results for relevant keywords using our digital marketing service. Apart from ensuring that your website is technically sound, responsive and mobile-friendly, DUO also focuses on keyword research, quality content, and optimised on-page elements to boost your rankings and attract more traffic.

Duo SEO digital marketing
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Be inspired by the successes we have helped our tech clients achieve.

redAcademy sprinters

June 4, 2024

Proving the business case to showcase partnerships for future lead generation

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Proving the business case to showcase partnerships for future lead generation
Mukuru integrated digital campaign to enhance brand visibility and reduce time needed from busy execs.

March 6, 2024

Mukuru adopts integrated digital campaign approach to maximise brand visibility and time of executives

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Mukuru adopts integrated digital campaign approach to maximise brand visibility and time of executives
Ecentric 6-month review

February 9, 2024

Ecentric uses PR and Digital Marketing to build awareness and reach new markets

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Ecentric uses PR and Digital Marketing to build awareness and reach new markets
We have worked with incredible clients, including:
Having worked with DUO since the inception of redAcademy has been instrumental in the communication and market awareness of pioneering a new way for organisations to obtain ICT talent.Their deep understanding of the technology sector, media relations and professional approach to communications has brought our impact and success stories to the forefront with our target audience, supporting redAcademy in sharing a new way for youth to enter skilled careers in tech.It is wonderful to partner with an organisation that understands our vision and values so deeply, the DUO team are a true pleasure to work with.
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Jessica Hawkey
Managing Director
One Degree
DUO Marketing has played an instrumental role in shaping and differentiating our brand voice and narrative in the South African market over the past six months. DUO’s strategy and support enabled us, as a new start-up, to not just disrupt but cut through the clutter of a very competitive category. Led by Judith, her exceptional team consistently went above and beyond to provide opportunities and insight that supported in achieving meaningful and authentic brand awareness and brand equity. Thank you for your dedication, guidance and passion in all that you do. You’ve been invaluable partners to our business.
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Lindsay Cowan
CEO and Co-Founder
logo cloudgate
We have a lot of customers, suppliers and even competitors asking how we get so much media coverage. DUO has ensured that our presence exceeds our size tenfold.
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Brian Timperley
MD and Co-Founder
fuzzy logic
We couldn’t hope for a better marketing/PR partner and can only imagine scaling our engagement with them in the future.
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Jason Ried
Founder and MD
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