Charlote Hlangwane, AM at DUO, on the importance of training

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but I was relieved to find that the training at DUO Marketing + Communications was like no other. It was extremely informative and helpful. The DUO team clearly put a lot of effort into making the training a valuable experience for new employees.

First of all, the onboarding was well organised and informative. During the onboarding period, I learned a lot about the company’s values, mission, and culture, which helped me understand the bigger picture of DUO’s work. Among other things, I also received a detailed overview of my specific role and responsibilities, which gave me a clear understanding of what was expected of me.

In addition to the onboarding, we had several online training sessions that covered various aspects of the job, from DUO as a brand and how they do PR to client processes. These included everything from PR and digital training to customer service skills and best practices. The DUO team is very knowledgeable and engaging, and they made sure to answer all the questions I had thoroughly.

One of the things I appreciated most about the training, even though it was 100% remote, like its workforce, was that it was hands-on. This helped me feel more confident in my ability to do my job well.

During this period, I have learned that the company’s success is measured by how you treat your new employees. A lot of people might think that training is there to help your new employees understand your team and company culture and to avoid making mistakes when it comes to doing the work for your clients. But with DUO training, it’s not just about understanding their systems and how things are done; it’s also about getting to know you as an individual. They made training and their processes seamless by assuring me as a new employee that training is not just about doing the work but also knowing when you should give yourself a break.

Moreover, the training I received over the first three weeks at DUO has helped me stay up-to-date with technology and industry trends. Overall, I feel very grateful to have had such informative training. It has helped me hit the first month like a senior person in my position and I’m very proud to have achieved my first 30 day KPIs.

By Charlote Hlangwane, Account Manager at DUO.

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