Interrogate and tweak, but stay true to the idea

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Our digital campaign for Connection Telecom focused on its managed cloud telephony service, Telviva, and the benefits businesses could derive from making the switch to the cloud when moving offices.

The campaign idea was clear and extremely focused, only targeting businesses in the process of, or thinking about moving to new premises.

The messaging, creative elements and ironing out of the requirements for the different platforms, from the landing page to the banner ads, social media advertising, social media content, blogs and PR all happened in the month leading up to the go-live-date.

Fortunately, everyone involved worked on Google Enterprise, which allowed us to collaborate on the same elements simultaneously. I believe this is one of the main reasons we managed to set up the campaign in a couple of weeks with hardly any artwork or copy in place to start off with.

Once the first results were in, we had the opportunity to interrogate the numbers and look at how we could improve conversions. This is when the real work starts.

It is important to keep the ideal customer and overall campaign idea in mind, especially when tweaking content and refining audience targeting.  

The first week of the campaign revealed that the landing page’s drop-off rate was high and this concerned us. We were driving ample traffic to the page, but visitors weren’t converting. A heat map showed us the path visitors took once they landed on the page and what interested them, however, it only showed us the ‘what’ and didn’t give us the ‘why’ and the all-important ‘how’ to fix it.

When the end-goal is conversions, it is tempting to change the message by making it more generic to attract a larger audience or spend more budget to have additional people see your ads. But how will you measure the success of a very specific campaign that needs to resonate with a particular audience within a set budget if you don’t stick to the initial idea?

Careful thought needs to go into the tweaking phase. Here an understanding of the service’s key benefits, the pain points it eases for business owners, how to communicate these and most importantly, knowing the audience are all crucial insights that influence the fine-tuning.

Yes, this is a B2B service for a B2B audience, so we’re not selling shoes or toys, but the positioning must to be clear and the message needs to resonate with the audience. In this case, talking about telephony in general can lead to consumers showing an interest instead of business decision makers.

We were nimble in our approach and made the necessary adjustments, but it was important to stay true to the campaign idea and not be tempted to broaden the focus too much. This way we can trust the results, report on them accurately, learn from them and make improvements the next time a client briefs us on a highly targeted campaign.

One of the ten pillars identified in PSFK’s The Future of Retail 2016 report, which outlines actions to design a new shopper experience, is to eliminate obstacles with the aim of enhancing the purchase path for customers. The goal is to save customers time and effort by streamlining technology and services.

This, in essence, is what an integrated digital campaign is all about. Brands need to deliver multi-channel customer touch points that are efficient and relevant so that potential customers’ attention span is optimally used in that single moment.


You have a story to tell. Let’s make it engaging and persuasive as we bring it to life.

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