Kathleen Janse van Rensburg, satellite product manager at VoxWhile a lot of investment is going into fibre, that is mainly in the large cities and metros. In rural and outlying areas, satellite is the cheapest and most reliable form of access. Much of this comes down to the unavailability of mobile and fibre internet access in such areas.

Vox, one of SA’s large technology and telecom players, has been in investing much of its resources in recent years to connect people in outlying parts of SA.

Kathleen Janse van Rensburg, satellite product manager at Vox, spoke to Mudiwa Gavaza, host of Business Day Spotlight, about why this type of internet connectivity is changing the face of South Africa.

Topics of discussion include: the state of satellite internet in SA; costs involved in setting it up; comparison with other forms of access and trends likely to shape the sector in the coming years.

Listen to the podcast below:

First published on Business Day.

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