DUO Marketing + Communications, with our professional team of PR and digital specialists, is able to fully integrate both PR Services and Marketing Services with expertly curated content to provide the best exposure and results for our clients.

With a footprint across sub-Saharan Africa, we incorporate traditional PR with digital campaigns to achieve the greatest brand elevation for our business- and consumer-facing clients. Our dedication to quality and value, evident in all our work, are mirrored in our digital services, with a focus on results, measurability and return on investment (ROI).

Our broad offering of digital services includes:


Design, development and management of professional custom websites, geared towards enhanced SEO and ranking


Analysis and recommendations to improve searchability and ranking of your online brand presence

Social media

Effective management of social media platforms to engage with your target audience and enhance your brand

Digital campaigns

Targeted online campaigns across social platforms and relevant online business and tech publications


Key messages presented in engaging and shareable videos that attract your target market


Complex information and data is transformed into into eye-catching and easy-to-read infographics

Email Marketing

Email marketing can assist your business in reaching and connecting with your target audience in a personalised way