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According to Hootsuite statistics, there are over 800 million active monthly Instagram users, 80% of users follow a business on the platform, and 75% of users take action after visiting a post.

This emphasises the power Instagram is capable of having on brands and businesses to diversify content and extend online reach. However, there is a substantial difference when it comes to managing Instagram for a brand and for yourself.

This article identifies the commercial value Instagram can have on businesses.

Instagram Business Account

If your business has not already switched to an Instagram business account it is time to do so, immediately. This feature provides relevant contact information in which your audience can find their way to your website’s landing page, contact details or location. When you switch to a business account on Instagram you are able to receive analytical insights to see which content is performing well and where you could improve.

Feed consistency and aesthetics

It is important that your business constructs a coherent news feed that appeals to your targeted audience. This means you need to identify the nature of your Instagram content and ensure that it correctly addresses the interests of your followers. For example, if you are engaging with B2B marketing you could post top tips or educational content.

Additionally, video and “behind-the-scenes” content is an increasingly utilised tool on Instagram as it captures your audience and can lead to a rise in your engagement rate. That being said, it is still important to produce content that is consistent and aesthetically pleasing in order to grasp the attention of your audience.


Posts on Instagram, with at least one hashtag, are 12.6% more likely to have engagement. It is important to use relevant hashtags as this will expose your business to widespread, targeted audiences.

Hashtags are crucial because they encourage increased engagement with potential Instagram followers.

Businesses using hashtags appeal to new followers and expand their online presence. In addition, you can view content other businesses in your industry are uploading to their feeds and gain noteworthy insights.

It is apparent that having a social media presence these days is vital for expanding businesses online reach. Consequently, many businesses are trying to comprehend how to best use Instagram to its full potential. When considering your business and its Instagram account, think about whether your account is aligned to these three points discussed in the blog. Instagram can be a powerful consumer acquisition platform for B2B marketing when approached accurately.

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