Never before has the profession experienced such a disruption as with the arrival of digital, and it is up to marketers to expose themselves to the latest insights and trends. This is where networking events add significant value.


Evolving requirements

2016 has been a year of digital discovery for many, but measurement, return on investment and integration with the traditional marketing mix are still seen as stumbling blocks, especially for professionals marketing small businesses and working with limited budgets.

Short courses provide insight into the latest platforms, tools and audience numbers, but networking events enable the exchange of ideas, learnings, successes and best practice for marketers to apply in 2017.

Many professionals are preparing their marketing strategies and budgets for next year, and part of their key performance indicators might be to evolve their company or brand’s digital footprint or build on their social media achievements from this year.

It is crucial for marketing professionals to evolve with the digital changes in their environment. New platforms, tech natives and social media savvy executives are putting pressure on them to constantly challenge the status quo they’ve established for the business’s online profile.

Content drives integration

It can be challenging to establish which platforms are best suited to the company’s personality and target audience. However, more often than not it is content, and not the platform, that is the lynchpin for digital integration into the existing marketing mix.

Good content will take a marketer places. It works well across multiple platforms and is therefore an essential component of digital integration. Good content can more often than not come from unexpected sources and therefore it is extremely valuable for marketers to network with fellow industry professionals to understand how they’re sourcing and creating good content.

Networking now

Networking provides an opportunity for marketers to share their highs and lows with each other and glean insights that will come in helpful during 2017. Other benefits of networking include business leads, career opportunities and staying at the cutting edge of new technology and business trends. Marketers who make networking part of their digital playbook will reap the rewards.

DUO Marketing and Communications is hosting a networking breakfast on 22 November. The networking event promises a lively discussion on what the future of digital marketing looks like, and the trends for 2017 and beyond with keynote speaker, Vera Romano, head of online at Vox Telecom.

For more information visit our blog post. Seats are limited, so make sure to book your spot early.

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