Case Studies

We align all traditional PR and digital marketing activities as well as the content we curate with your business objectives, and results are matched to your unique business goals. With a strong value-based business model, supported and implemented by our team of specialist, we are dedicated to showing true and valuable ROI for each client.

Be inspired by the successes we have helped our clients achieve.



DUO Marketing + Communications began a three-month trial with Nomanini – Cape Town-based creator of an innovative mobile Point of Sale service platform for facilitating cash transactions in emerging markets. […]


Framework One

Business process automation specialist Framework One was selected to participate in Knife Capital’s Grindstone Accelerator programme. If it was to grow and get noticed, Framework One would have to work on clarifying it’s purpose and distilling its messaging to something that the average business person would understand. […]



DUO proposed copy treatment throughout all the elements to make the text inviting to read. We made the copy shorter and split it up into bite-size pieces with intriguing headlines and sub-headings to break it up. […]