We are a full-service content specialist agency for tech companies in sub-Saharan Africa.

With communications, marketing and digital expertise, we have a two decade-long track record of successfully translating the business value of technology.

At DUO Marketing + Communications, we understand the importance of aligning PR and marketing activities to business objectives to show real value and return on investment (ROI).

This is why our full range of services starts with a deep understanding of your business, your technology and your goals, and partners this with a comprehensive content curation strategy to achieve real brand elevation.

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PR Services

At the heart of our PR agency is the aim to provide measurable return on investment (ROI), which we achieve through aligning our PR activities with the strategic roadmap.


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Marketing Services

With an expert team including professional writers, strategists and digital specialists, we offer our clients a tailored marketing approach, underpinned by carefully curated content, to build credibility and influence key decision makers.


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Digital Services

With a footprint across sub-Saharan Africa, we incorporate traditional PR with digital campaigns to achieve the greatest brand elevation for our business- and consumer-facing clients.


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Advisory Services

Having founded DUO Marketing + Communications in 2004, Judith Middleton launched the Advisory Services Division at DUO to help Tech companies bridge the gap between marketing investment and ROI from their spend.


Case Study

Qualica Technologies, a provider of financial software as well as network and application optimisation services and solutions, appointed DUO in September 2015 to conduct a brand audit and present a creative strategy with the intention to update its outdated website.

Qualica’s website was outdated, aesthetically and in terms of communicating its services. The company’s slogan – complexity made simple, captures the essence of its solutions and the website had to reflect this.

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Qualica website update