DUO Marketing signs up two new PR clients

Niche Tech PR and Digital Marketing Agency DUO Marketing + Communications embraces August with a boost to its client base by bringing onboard two new clients, INOVO and Social Places to provide them with a range of Public Relations and… Read More

Cloud migration not without challenges

While moving to the cloud might be easier than overhauling on-premise systems, there are still obstacles to overcome. Ryan Jamieson, Solutions and Innovation Officer at Altron Karabina, says many companies underestimate the costs of migration and the level of planning… Read More

To BCDR or Not to BCDR

By Corne du Preez, Technology Solutions Professional: Apps and Infra at Altron Karabina  When speaking to customers, I always ask what their BCDR strategies are. Sometimes I get good information from customers around their understanding of BCDR, but in most… Read More

A fresh approach to customer service

During 2018 we made some significant changes to our internal team structures that have improved our business, delivering greater value to our clients, and a richer and more fulfilling work experience for our team across PR and Digital Marketing Services.… Read More